Observations on the way to work

Today while driving to an appointment, I noticed a red beetle bug car broken down beside the road. Four or five miles up the road, there is another red beetle bug car broken down on the side of the road…how weird. Maybe people with that type of car should stay home today. Or make sureContinue reading “Observations on the way to work”

Wayward yoga girl

Welcome to my world… You might be thinking why “wayward yoga girl”? Let me break in down for you 🙂 The definition of “wayward” is “difficult to control or predict because of unusual or perverse behavior“. This cracks me up. And, yeah…it’s pretty accurate of “me”… on so many levels. Yoga…I love yoga. I alwaysContinue reading “Wayward yoga girl”

A Little Bit of Everything

I love good song lyrics. In some instances, a musician’s lyrics have spoken the words I needed to hear or echoed my sadness in a way that made me not feel alone…it’s poetry…but more powerful because not only do the words have meaning and feeling, but the music has feeling too. It’s a beautiful thing.Continue reading “A Little Bit of Everything”