Is Santa okay?

Just need to share a thought before I head out the door…limited time and I get caught up in thoughts and forget to leave on time sometimes (or forget my shoes) … so real quick –

Yesterday I had a signing that was kind of “weird”. I was supposed to meet a home seller at the mall to sign his closing papers. I arrived 10 minutes early (I always try to!) and realized I don’t know what this person looks like or exactly where they are supposed to be. So, I call him…no answer…weird voice mail greeting where he is telling the caller his phone number or trying to – but seems confused (Anyone who is calling you knows the number dude). So, I call escrow and ask if there are any other numbers or if he said where. They gave me the seller’s agent’s number and say “Oh yeah, he is coming too – I should have given you that number”. Cool – I call him and get a description of where/who they are…bald guy sitting with a guy that looks like Santa in the food court eating pizza….I introduce myself, get ID all that good stuff. The agent tells me “This is the first time I’ve been to a signing”, I said something like “Cool – welcome…you will see it’s no big deal, let me know if you have any questions”. My “spidey” senses took note – agents used to go to closings all the time…they don’t anymore. We used to think we should for moral support and also because we were excited to be getting a paycheck and wanted to make sure nothing went south at the last minute. The world and the times have changed – we just don’t go anymore.

I proceeded going through the paperwork…I sometimes ask questions to make polite conversation or to be reassuring in some way…I asked Santa if he knew where he was moving to and if he was excited for a new chapter. He did not…he’s going “to float” for a while and wants to meet an older woman…one who owns her own shit and is preferably on oxygen. WTF?! Next, I’m going through the Estimated Settlement Statement with him (Note: I notice the listing agent – bald guy to my left – is making much more than the other agent on this deal…usually it’s 50/50…times are changing I guess…not my business). I point out to Santa how much money he is receiving after all expenses – and joke he most certainly does not need a woman on oxygen…he’s got quite a lot there!

I go through the rest of the papers…chatting a little while doing it…making sure he is aware of what he is doing and understands everything… checking to make sure he’s “all there” mentally you know, because something feels a little “off” and that voicemail greeting was really weird. I wrap it up – drop the docs downtown and carry on with my night.

This morning I woke up with an image of bald guy in my mind and hearing the word “nefarious”. I did not know what this word meant (cut me some slack – I’m a high school drop out). When I read, I always look up words I don’t know. (Thank goodness Google knows how to find stuff even if you don’t know how to spell it). I have always had a fairly good vocabulary because of this habit…

ne·far·i·ous /nəˈferēəs/

adjective (typically of an action or activity) wicked or criminal.

Okay…what do I do with this? I need to ponder this…I can’t call escrow and say I have a “feeling” or I dreamed the word nefarious!

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A complex creation that chooses to be quite simple - LOL. I earnestly try to approach life with unconditional love and non-judgement... but I'm only human and perfectly imperfect :)

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