Peaceful…but not passive

Yesterday the march for reproductive rights I participated in, was great. The energy was awesome…I left with my whole body tingling from head to toe. While I was there, I realized a few things…first, it was surprising to me to grasp there are generations of people who don’t understand how important it is…particularly those born after about 1963 – they grew up with the Roe v. Wade decision positively affecting their reproductive life and take it for granted. Secondly, even those that understand the importance don’t always feel the need to take action…there is a passive or apathetic attitude, in society in general, which makes me a little sad…its like people think “someone else will fix it” or ”this is old news – it doesn’t affect me”. It affects us all… my attitude is more along the lines of “not on my fucking watch!”…I will be “peaceful” but not fucking passive. It was really cool when whole lines of stopped traffic blew their horns, rolled down their windows and waved, or in some instances applauded – that gave me renewed hope people will snap out of apathy and begin taking small steps to create a better world (yeah, I know…I’ve been really “soap-boxy” lately. I’m sorry). Here are some photos…

I woke up this morning thinking about a friend who called me yesterday in deep emotional pain. Thanks to what I learned from someone important to me a couple weeks ago, I told her I was “sitting with her in her sadness”… talk, cry, whatever you need to do – I’m just here…listening and sending you love. She did…cried rivers and talked so much… and she did feel better. This morning, way too early for anybody, I texted her “please go to a meeting today”. She just called to tell me she did go to one (and coincidentally it was about emotional pain). My heart is happy. One baby step at a time, she will feel better. She will be okay.

I think too much. It can be exhausting to be me – LOL! And exhausting for anyone who reads my nonsense I’m sure! There are only a few ways I can turn it off. The two I tend to reach for the most are sex or meditation. Sex…it’s so wonderful to turn your brain off and just experience the moments and the world through your skin…particularly for me if I’m with a kind and safe dominate energy that allows me to fully trust and relax in the moment and surrender. Meditation…it takes different forms…either sitting to intentionally meditate or allowing myself to naturally go there during yoga, or when I am in a good place mentally and emotionally I can just go there often during the day while doing random things – like dishes. (Note to self: must do more of the “often and random blank mind/body filled with joy” type meditation…no need to overthink everything constantly…go with the flow…just be…). Other ways to turn off my mind sometimes are to just be too tired to think and give myself permission to get lost in a movie or book. Or a massage… Or going to the beach. I love the beach…any season – any temperature. The water soothes me. I may go to the beach today.

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A complex creation that chooses to be quite simple - LOL. I earnestly try to approach life with unconditional love and non-judgement... but I'm only human and perfectly imperfect :)

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