Sensory overload

Today I began learning to be an art docent for the erotic arts festival. My head is now swimming with concepts, art, and artists. I definitely have sensory overload at the moment and I have so much studying to do about the artists to be able to answer questions in an effective way…but first maybe a nap – LOL.

We had a real, and in-depth discussion about the energy that needs to be brought to the gallery by all of us there to help host the event. I’m so happy others feel the same way and we can consciously create an energetic “safe space” for people. I am looking forward to interacting with the visitors in an open, accepting, loving way to help them feel comfortable expressing how the art they see affects them and help them “feel” the art in a safe and kind environment, with full support of who they are. I love it when people can feel safe to be authentic. I also weirdly feel a sense of pride in the art that was chosen to be displayed this year… there is even more respect for a wider variety of people of different sizes, colors, sexual preferences and identities, and kinks.

I did notice there is more art this year with the male as submissive. That actually felt like a real trend in dating this year as well. Not my cup of tea…(I really need my partner to be the dominant one)…but I am really happy more men can choose to express submissiveness in themselves if it brings them joy… And perhaps it is making us all more well-rounded and balanced.

I have already fallen in love with a couple pieces. I cannot afford them. I will have to burn the memory of them into my brain for safekeeping…or maybe I will have an opportunity to take a picture (if so, I must remember to write down the artist’s names so they can get credit for their work).

There is art from around the world at this show. One artist in Brussels has my heart for sure. Here is what he says about art:

"Picasso once said : "Art is not chaste… when it is, it's not art anymore". Although you should also mind the context of this quotation. When saying this, Picasso meant that art is dangerous when someone is insufficiently prepared for it. I'd go further by stating that not only the audience must stand prepared for art, but also the artist himself. There is in my opinion nothing more difficult, when making art, than expressing a pornographical vision with refinement and sensitivity. I'm a dissident in the way that I use some academical techniques of classical art in my erotic works. I thus try and get the public to revise their judgement on society and to question their behavior. Nowadays sex is everywhere : in the media, in the street, in medicine, in literature and even in politics, with for instance the Lewinski scandal… But still, censorship has never been so straight. The social norm will always try to fix once and for all what is acceptable and what is not. Whereas for an artist, limits are precisely unacceptable : you can't confine artistic creation to a series of norms and standards."

It is so interesting to me when the artist will share their thoughts or feelings behind a piece of art they have created or if they share how it was inspired. The use of 3D materials in some of the art is amazing…bits of leather, rope or lace. The way the choices are made for what goes in the gallery is interesting as well…I wish there was a way to have a show for the pieces that weren’t chosen also.

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