Sex and Ice Cream

These are two of my favorite things. I crave sex more often than ice cream but there is something very sensual about ice cream…and sometimes you just need to cuddle up with some. Of course, there is the “vanilla” joke…I am definitely a “mix in” girl…and I don’t like just one kind – I like variety and I like to try new flavors. One of my regular favorites has Bing cherries and chocolate chunks (Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia) in it and some days I just want a nice caramel swirl in my ice cream…. another favorite was a limited time only offering at Baskin and Robbins called Love Gone Sour. It was offered only a couple of years right after Valentine’s Day. It’s the only time I have ever been able to find it…it had sweet cherries in a tart cherry ice cream with white cholate chunks. Some days a matcha green tea ice cream hits the spot. If you plan ahead, you can order some really wonderful combos from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams on-line…they ship it with dry ice. This is a great option if you want to stock the freezer for a special occasion with lots of special choices. Salt and Straw has some really good and unusual combinations when I don’t mind driving to Capital Hill – like honey lavender. Then there is Snow Goose Produce in Mount Vernon…48 homemade flavors overflowing in homemade waffle cones (you can shop for wine and fresh veggies too – you should do it before the ice cream though…the cones they serve are gigantic and require your full attention). I have recently lost 10 pounds…so I will show some restraint and not indulge in ice cream today… It just occurred to me I often talk about food and sex within the same post. I have often talked about steak when talking about kink or BDSM with people – LOL. I do like mine medium rare…even though some people like it well done. I guess sex is almost as important as food to me. I know “touch” in general is…I need touch to thrive as a human.

These Marian Hill lyrics are in my head today… they crack me up…

(These are not all of them…just the ones I remember and have been singing all day)

Think I know what you’re thinking… And this room it keeps shrinking
Closing in while I take my time… You already know you’re delectable
And you think that you know me
Boy, you look so crisp, you’re a salty little snack
I might call you over here, and never call you back
Boy, you look so smooth, you’re a sweet little shake
And you taste like a chance that I just might take
He’s got problems, those are his… That is not your shit to solve
He’s a moment at the most… He’s not something to pursue
First, I’ll teach you to listen… Maybe I’ll let you get in line
You might never know, I’m unpredictable ‘til I make a decision
I should tell you though I’m insatiable
Boy, you look so crisp, you’re just a salty little snack
I might call you over here, never call you back
And I know, know you want my number – You can take a number… you look so smooth, you’re a sweet little shake… And you taste like a chance that I just might take

If I want to talk to you – You will get a call
Anything is possible – But don’t wait too long

Boy, you look so crisp, you’re a salty little snack
I might call you over here, never call you back
And I know, know you want my number – You can take a number

Boy, you look so nice, like a thick slice of cake
If I promise not to bite can I take you on a date?

Sex…yes…I DO need this…and it comes with no calories… it’s been two weeks. I am aware I need sex more than most… when I am “in” a relationship I prefer to have it every day or every other day…or sometimes several times a day (It’s not always easy to find a partner who can keep up)… Now that I am no longer even “dating”, I am going to have to rely on a couple of guys that I know who we are very clear on the fact we are “sex only” (and have always been clear on that… and they were never going to be more than that). I can simply text them “DTF?”. It’s very simple and straightforward… I wonder how many women do that. I suspect not that many…maybe that has changed – I hope it has. I have always had a high sex drive. Many female friends I have discussed sex with are really surprised about this and they seem to think it takes too much energy… Geez laundry and shit can wait – it will always be there – and good sex is relaxing and energizing. I have googled the subject a few times over the years when I was paired with the wrong partner. Even google seemed to think I’m odd and wanted to refer me to websites with various health “issues” that cause too much sex drive. Men don’t get told they are abnormal and should consult a physician if they have a healthy appetite for sex. It’s another example of our society’s gender inequality. Society tries to shame us. Sometimes guys even get confused by a woman’s strong drive… or get intimidated. And fuck me is it upsetting when someone says “No, they aren’t in the mood” (I feel for all the guys who have always had to shoulder that). Of course, then you have to ask yourself a million questions about how or why they aren’t in the mood and what’s “wrong with you” because rejection sucks no matter what gender you are…when 99.9% of the time they just truly aren’t in the mood…but you could get in the mood…if you wanted to…LOL. Anyway – fuck google and anyone who thinks it’s not okay. Amy Schumer and I can “catch a dick” anytime we want to 🙂

Chocolate Lava Cake and Ice Cream at Morton’s in SF…Yum

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