Modern Love Update

Lunch was just lunch. I am showing restraint…I really don’t want to be involved with a married man – even if their marriage is open.

I have realized there are men who only sign up for free dating sites or very cheap sites or say in their profile “I can’t see likes – you have to message me” and those men are either too conservative or too poor to spend $20-$50 to find someone they would like to spend the rest of their life with. Those are not my men. This year I have invested quite a lot in dating sites – because finding someone… the “right” someone is important to me. I’m “all in” to find someone of value. I’m not looking for a sugar daddy, but I need someone who can afford their own dollar menu value meal.

I spent the entire day at the spa yesterday. A Korean day spa. This is a situation where only women are allowed, and everyone is naked. Sometimes I really love not wearing clothes. The spa has 4 different pools of different temperatures, 7-8 rooms at different temperatures with different elements for your health…a salt room, a charcoal room, etc. They have the normal services – massage, facials, etc. – as well as scrubs. They will scrub your skin almost completely off…you’ve never been so clean… or so disgusted at how little self-exfoliation you have actually done. It is empowering to be reminded every body is beautiful – regardless of size, shape or age. They even have a café with smoothies and Korean food. I was there for almost 10 hours…Every time I come to this spa, I leave reminded that although my body is not perfect by society’s standards…it is still beautiful in its own way, and I can walk confidently in my own skin.

The man I mentioned in the last post – Daniel that didn’t “feel” right – he for sure is not. I found he is very religious – goes to church three times a week…and he’s made up a whole life with me in his head. I have to figure out the best way to gently remove him…I have had my number too many years to change it. Can you imagine this guy with me? Maybe I should just link him up to the Undomesticated Bitch blog…that would scare him away. (Or cause him to abduct me to have me “reprogrammed” and “saved”.)  The other non-married, “fragile guy”…Erick…we have a tentative date for Friday. I’m in stealth mode of the dating site and I can see he is very active there still…and he isn’t really chatting with me now since we scheduled a meet…so maybe the connection isn’t really there. All the others on that site (I have “swiped left” on hundreds) do not strike me as even a remote possibility…cheap site – cheap or poor guys… and if you don’t know the difference between “there” and “their”, we have nothing to discuss. I’m sorry.

I will probably go back to one of the main dating sites again and just be prepared to sit on the shelf there for a long time…waiting…batting away the idiots…Love takes time I guess. (Not sure how to handle the part of me that needs sex…good sex…lots of it…)

The lingerie I ordered that was requested by the comet is arriving today. I had given him a link to the website (I have credits there) and he chose…I will return it. He screwed himself. I was way too understanding and patient with him. Besides now I have to replace the items I left behind when he rushed me out the door for his faux work emergency. So done. Completely 100% done.

Same with FB – done. So done. Someone who doesn’t value me and wants to treat me like an occasional distraction or afterthought doesn’t deserve me.

Off to spend the day pre-preparing part of the Thanksgiving feast.

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A complex creation that chooses to be quite simple - LOL. I earnestly try to approach life with unconditional love and non-judgement... but I'm only human and perfectly imperfect :)

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