Sex and Quizzes

I need to complain for a moment. Not everyone is a good fuck. Even fewer are a great fuck. I’m annoyed…I try to be discerning before even connecting with someone in person. My most recent sex date has been in the sex positive and kink communities for years…decades…so I even made him get tested for STDs before I would connect with him. He talked a good game… then he came in his own entryway within 5 minutes of me getting there…seriously. It’s probably needless to say that affected his performance the rest of the time… what is wrong with people? I want to fuck for hours not minutes. And this guy claimed to be dominant… ha! I could dominate him without even trying.

My fiancé could fuck all day sometimes…my ex-fuckbuddy could fuck for hours – if we had ever lived together, I’m sure he could have been an all-day person sometimes too. I’m annoyed. Maybe I should consider the 30 somethings that hit on me all the time…I bet they have some stamina and pacing…. how do you even get into your 50’s without knowing how to pace yourself and prolong everyone’s pleasure? So not only am I having a hard time finding a life partner or even someone to date long term, but I can’t even find a decent playdate or potential new fuckbuddy.

I need to study the archetypes more to find the really sexual ones… okay just found a quiz for sexual archetypes – LOL. I scored perfectly even with two and have a third as a close “second”. They are “The Boss”, “The Sophisticate” and “The Ingenue”. Take the quiz for yourself here –  

A few snippets of my results are: “Even the most skilled player will fumble when he encounters a woman who is confident, competent, and totally self-possessed. Some people call you an alpha-female, a “boss babe”, or the perfect mix of beauty and brains. Regardless of the label, when a successful man meets you – he’s met his match.” You are capable of distancing yourself from your feelings enough to see events as they are, not as your emotions color them. Men appreciate your duality; your disarming exterior, and cerebral core, and the part of you that remains a mystery.” “Your frank sexuality and receptive energy will be a blessing and a curse. Men will be drawn to your vulnerability and authenticity. Your lack of defenses will put them at ease, but you may be attracted to dark, emotionally unavailable, or even abusive men and you will struggle with boundaries.”

Men can take a sexual archetype quiz here (although they seem to have less possible outcomes)

Just for fun, here is a link to Jungian archetypes….  and here is a quiz for Jungian Archetypes  and another…just because  

Here is one more quiz…to discover your “healing” archetype if you feel called to heal in any capacity

The mythical archetypes are just a little too much for my current mood…so I am not giving you links to any of that, or the “new age” archetypes… I don’t want to overwhelm you in one post.

According to the Jungian quizzes, the first one said I am a Magician. The second quiz said Magician and Innocent Child as a second, close runner up. How can I be a “Boss”, a ”Magician”, and an “Innocent child” all at the same time? Granted the descriptions fit…it just seems like so much contradiction! Yes, folks…the whiplash continues… she introverted and extroverted, she’s up – she’s down, she’s a babygirl and a temptress at the same time…a Tale of Two Cities – best of times and worst of times. No wonder I can’t find a partner – I even confuse myself!

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A complex creation that chooses to be quite simple - LOL. I earnestly try to approach life with unconditional love and non-judgement... but I'm only human and perfectly imperfect :)

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