Shift in the Matrix

I’m going to veer off the normal path today…try to put judgement aside and move forward with an open mind. We as a planet are experiencing a mass “awakening” spiritually. Our entire world is having a shift in consciousness. Don’t get me wrong…there are still plenty who are “asleep”, but right now there are more people spiritually awakening at one time than possibly ever before. Our planet is going through a massive shift energetically also. (Chicken or the egg syndrome here…not sure which is causing the other or happened first). These energetic shifts feel harsh because we as humans are used to a slower process of change and shifting. On the quantum level we move much faster, but we are still attached to these physical bodies, so it takes a while to catch up there. Lots of different types of people or groups of people are acknowledging this and talking about it. Some individual symptoms of this shifting include exhaustion, anxiety, restlessness, inflammation, joint pain, body aches, immune system issues, swelling, water retention, sadness, depression, grief, heart palpitations, disorientation, confusion, panic attacks, and even tachycardia…as our physical bodies have to adjust to energy moving faster. Some symptoms the collective consciousness is experiencing with this shift are: instability – both in our societies and physical world, political shifts and instability, more fires, floods, temperature changes, climate changes, extinction of some animal species, polarization of people and energy, and extremist movements, etc.

Everything is comprised of energy. Everyone has the ability to sense energy – even if it’s just on the unconscious level, since we are made of energy. I believe there are more people becoming consciously aware of their ability to sense energy and we are developing a society of more empaths. (Side note: “Empathy” is the ability to imagine and understand what someone else is going through. An “empath” is someone who not only can imagine and understand but also feels it in their own body. An empath is more porous in their quantum energy field.) I’m sure most people can walk into a room after there has been an argument and feel the denseness of the energy and acknowledge something is “off” or doesn’t feel quite right. We can all feel energy. Empaths also range in their sensitivity…from sensing the energy of a room or a person to actually getting a headache because someone near them has one. Basically we are all instruments… energy affects us and we have the choice to allow our instrument to be more finely tuned.

Because of the mass awakening and the faster energy, all the people and the planet are moving toward ascension… that is… the state of being able to take in more light and have greater capacity for holding more light. We rise to a higher level of understanding. (Personally, I believe we all have had and continue to have periods of ascension…it’s not a one and done thing…it’s a continual evolution of understanding from a higher place but this is a world-wide massive ascension happening right now) Ascending to new levels of awareness and understanding have a pattern – a trigger (event, person, situation acting as a trigger), a purge (release of old beliefs, release of old patterns, ways of being), and then a new level of understanding is reached (light quotient increases).

The magnitude of shifting that is occurring on our planet right now (and that will continue past my lifetime here) is felt by all of us. Those still asleep or not very awake in their spiritual process may get bogged down by details (politics, positions, confusion, extremism, etc.). All people in various stages of “awakeness” are all experiencing symptoms of this major energetic shift. The sensitive people and empaths of all levels of sensitivity feel it a lot… I mean want to go to bed and not get out again kind of “feel it a lot”. Empaths have a more sensitive nervous system. In the past when energy overwhelmed a sensitive person, they were able to isolate until things calmed down. Well…they aren’t going to calm down anytime soon – so that won’t be a good coping mechanism anymore.

With more empaths on the planet, the understanding of them has to change also. The old understanding was that an empath “feels and absorbs other people’s feelings and energies”. The newer understanding is empaths are able to “detect, read and process energy around them”. (We do not have to absorb – nor do we have to give it away to energy vampires and narcissists. We are not powerless.) The purpose of the empath role many of us signed up for is to help the planet and the people of it transition energy and transcend. If that is the job, we are going to have to take it on… become empowered and go for it straight on. Face dense energy and transmute it to love. I may write about how to do that soon, but the first step is acknowledging.

Coincidentally ( or maybe not), the new business venture I’m working on is actually all about transmuting energy for the greater good. Don’t worry, (I felt you worry), I am never going to try and sell you anything. My blog has never been and will never be “for profit”… the purpose is to share and potentially help others through that sharing.

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5 thoughts on “Shift in the Matrix

  1. I enjoyed this post…I was intrigued by your comment “those that choose to be empaths” and I always figured it was not a choice, that some are wired for it and others are not.

    I recently had my first proper astrological reading, and that was a lot about the energy shift taking place right now, which began on 20 August. I certainly feel it. I am certainly experiencing it.


    1. I meant “choose” before birth. It is thought by some we choose to experience each life through various lenses to grow and learn more deeply. For instance I may have chosen to be born in a time and place, to a certain set of parents, knowing some of the types of challenges I would likely face, to grow on a soul level 🤷‍♀️.

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      1. That’s an interesting way of thinking, especially as someone who has felt punished for being sent to earth as a man…I felt that there was something I was supposed to learn and do. Well now I am transitioning. That doesn’t make sense in that/my context though. Oh well.


      2. It makes perfect sense to me. You are a trailblazer… Someone who is brave enough to come to terms with themselves in a very deep, personal, special way. You are helping others through your journey to be more accepting of themselves and others. You’re playing a very important role. I also believe that by you living in authentic life and being true to yourself, you’re helping raise the vibration of the planet. You’ve had to learn to show empathy for yourself as a person being born in the wrong body. By having empathy for yourself I think you help others have empathy also. Please excuse any typos – I’m Dictating this while I drive. 🤦🏼‍♀️

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      3. That’s a really wonderful thing to say and is much appreciated. I love this vibration stuff and energy work. I had never really understood it before. But as I train to be a practitioner, I find even more about the beauty and mystery of life.


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