Christmas is over

I survived Christmas. Robert loved Christmas. He decorated like crazy…every inch of the house inside and out. Christmas movies every day from Thanksgiving to New Years. When I was a kid, Christmas was unpredictable and often a disappointment. Some years I would come home from school or wake up in the morning to find theContinue reading “Christmas is over”

… still Thursday

Okay I have been “productive” enough for today. I showered and got dressed. In my “lumberjack” outfit again… that’s what my date called it the other night… I kind of took a little bit of offense. I wear black all the time. I have 36 pair of black leggings, half dozen black slacks, black jeans,Continue reading “… still Thursday”

Wrapping up the year…

I have been reflecting on all that has transpired the last year… particularly when it comes to personal growth – which is positive. I am starting therapy next week to make sure I continue to process stuff from the past fully and can move forward as the mentally healthiest version of myself possible and haveContinue reading “Wrapping up the year…”

My meandering mind

Work has been really slow. I’ve been watching various workshops online for the last week. Nothing interesting really to report or document…I am struggling. Most of my struggle I think is just the season…and being alone (unpartnered). I am starting to go through the entire house, every closet and every cupboard – to pare downContinue reading “My meandering mind”