New Year

Welcome in 2022. I’m the same girl as yesterday… in the same place as yesterday… still riding along for another trip around the sun… let’s make it a good one. I’m going to make sandwiches for homeless people today and deliver them to remind them (just in my weird way) although it’s cold and snowy as fuck and things might look gloomy – we still live in an abundant world. (Wonder if the dollar store has hand warmers…)

For many decades I made “Resolutions” or goals for each new year – and of course always had a re-vamped business plan before January 1st each year. I trained people in my industry about this and I even wrote an article about it for the Puget Sound Business Journal called “Captain of Your Own Ship”. In this article, I wrote about the importance of evaluating where you are personally – and in your business , the importance of setting challenging yet realistic goals, and measuring your progress and making adjustments… I used the analogy of setting your course for a particular destination for the year and making adjustments for wind and other factors to stay on track, instead of allowing the wind to just blow your ship wherever. Yeah, I was practically a poster person for goal setting. I stopped doing that…let’s see…when was it? Maybe five years ago…(after Robert died – nothing fucks up your plans like death). I used to be a huge believer in annual intentional goal setting.

I think perhaps “New Year’s resolutions” are for the people who rarely take a deep dive into where they are and where they are going. If you are always being introspective about those things, the annual “reset” seems redundant. And most people when feeling “forced” into goal setting don’t make thoughtful and realistic goals, which causes a level of failure before you even get going, therefore they are very easy to discard by March 1st. How about we, as a society, choose to do something different?

I propose the start of each new year, we write down all the things we would like to let go of. We could let go disappointments, hurt feelings, sadness or anger about something… For example, I would say I would like to acknowledge and let go of the following: 1) My need to control the outcome of things 2) My disappointments in dating 3) The hurt feelings I felt when interacting with a few people this last year (names withheld for personal reasons…but I know who they are) 4) The disappointment in myself I feel for being where I am in my journey 5) Any remaining fear I might have lingering about showing up in the word as my authentic self every day… that’s the list that immediately comes to mind… I think I will write each thing down on a little piece of paper and burn it… release it… let it go.

We are messy. We are all works in progress. Change is inevitable… growth is optional. We all need to let go of things from the past that don’t serve us to keep hanging on to… Maybe that is a higher ROI than vowing to lose 10 pounds? I said in a post the other day that I have failed to set goals in the last 5 years. In retrospect, maybe I have just stopped measuring life quite the same way and didn’t realize it? Instead of having hard goals of building my business to look like this or that or reaching a new income goal, perhaps my goals have been more intangible? Like spiritual growth and understanding, coming to terms with things in the past, being more in tune with the energetic world around me and more forgiving of the mistakes of others…

I have “grown” by leaps and bounds in the last 5 years – not financially… not with any tangible “thing” like a new Bentley… instead it has all been in ways the outside world can’t necessarily see. This last year I have learned (again) a lot of forgiveness. Especially forgiveness for myself for all the poor choices made when I could have and should have done better… and appreciation for all the lessons learned with each poor choice. I think that is another batch of things to write down and let go of… each “bad” choice in life. Write them down, burn them, let them go. Instead of a list of “resolutions” and goals, maybe we should make a list of all the things we are appreciative of… my list would include a few people who taught me things this last year on my journey, the grace I was shown by a few in my journey this last year, my continued good health, having a safe place to live and clean water that comes right out of the faucet…

So here I go… off to write down all the things to let go of… all the things I regret…. bad choices… (I should warn the neighbors… one hell of a bon fire happening tonight – LOL), and making my list of all I’m grateful for.

I wish for you in 2022… inner peace, joy, happiness, and much love.

Published by wayward yoga girl

A complex creation that chooses to be quite simple - LOL. I earnestly try to approach life with unconditional love and non-judgement... but I'm only human and perfectly imperfect :)

One thought on “New Year

  1. I agree with your thought that waiting for New Years doesn’t make sense for someone who sets goals all the time. Like you, I have always been a goal setter, a daily to-do list maker. I have evolved my approach and am intrigued by bullet journals. But learning to be grounded in the moment is how we get better at moving forward.


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