Last night, sitting in the Metropolitan Market parking lot, I was thinking about words…

First, I should explain why I was in the parking lot. I discovered as an Instacart shopper, the app shows orders closest to your physical location and wealthy people tip better. Met Market is an upscale Trader Joe’s… so that is where I spent my Friday night because I am single (AF) and trying to support myself during a fucking pandemic – LOL, so… if you need your fancy gourmet ice cream and some sparkling Voss on a Friday night – I’ve got you… your wish is my command! I will let another shopper grab the Pampers from the Albertson’s with no tip.

I was people watching in the parking lot and playing scrabble on my phone waiting for orders. I’m concerned about our society with regard to language and words. The people who shop at this market are most likely better educated than average… they can afford to pay for gourmet, organic, specialty items – therefore make more money – therefore are most likely more educated to enable them to make more money. (By the way – I purchased smoked salt here last year… if you have never tried it, it is a game changer – especially sprinkled on a steak before grilling). Anyway, these folks probably use their words better than the average person. (Yes… she is full of assumptions today folks!)

If you glance through social media, you will notice people can’t spell anymore. You will see that good grammar is ceasing to exist and word choice is…apathetic and uninspired. And they aren’t even embarrassed by it! Has the public school system gotten worse in the last few decades? People seem to read fewer books and fewer people read books. I feel like the written word used to mean so much more than it does now. We are slipping into a society that not only does not know how to read a map, tell time on a “normal” clock or watch, but is also losing it’s grasp on our language and communication. Communication is critical…. to everything.

Words have meaning. They have power. They express intention. They even have an energetic signature.

When we stop using them well, we degrade and downgrade our very existence. Words have so much power in relationships with the people around you… and even with yourself. We tell our partner (or ourselves) what we want, need, appreciate, how we feel, how we think… word choice is important. Weak words equal weak or misunderstood/lost meaning. Words have become so flimsy and disposable people don’t even take them seriously anymore. Too many people just let meaningless drivel ooze out and don’t even think about it – much less act in accordance with their words. (Which is why quarantine guy’s apology meant nothing to me. I can’t trust someone who doesn’t act in accordance with their words or understand the importance of words). Too many people just say whatever they think someone wants or needs to hear to get what they want.

Weak words and misunderstanding of someone’s intentions can lead to failed relationships, lack of understanding and being understood, even war… not trying to be melodramatic, but think about it – if we as a society can’t express our true intentions well, then yes – it can lead to war with other humans because we aren’t communicating effectively. I think this may be why so many relationships fail… improper or inadequate communication.

When I tell someone I “adore” them, I really mean it. It’s not just a phrase to throw out there. It’s love and respect packed together with a whole lot of appreciation. Geeze… it just occurred to me the word “love” has been so misused and abused it needs a makeover. There was one point in the last year I so wanted to say it… because I was feeling it… but I could not because the word has such a bad reputation and so many misconceptions and baggage tied to it that it would have caused a freight train of fear and damage – so I did not say it in that moment that I felt it. Words can really fuck a relationship over. They can also make it more authentic, meaningful and real than you can imagine… when used appropriately. I did accidentally tell a friend I loved them not that long ago… I do, but didn’t mean to say it, and of course had to clarify since the word has such baggage to it. Fortunately, my friend knows me well enough to understand I say whatever is on my mind and is okay with how I express myself.

What words do you use when you talk to yourself? Are you using the ones that give you maximum self-expression, joy and authenticity? Are they an accurate reflection? It’s not a horrible idea to ask ourselves these questions sometimes… I love that there are so many words and some so precisely express certain thoughts. I love learning new ones too.

We should also be true to our word. If I say I will do something, I do it. No excuses, no denial… I do it because I said I would… and my words mean something to me.

Have a hygee type of day! (cozy and comfortable filled with wellness and contentment)

I used to have these on my fridge for impromptu poetry

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One thought on “Words

  1. I totally agree with you that grammar and spelling are going out the window. Can I blame the public education system? Not really. I would say it’s more to do with the proliferation of technology and the pervasiveness of the internet and all of their offshoots (Facebook on mobile, Whatsapp, Line, and so on). As a result, our attention span as a species is getting worse by the year.

    I can speak for myself. I used to be a voracious from high school up to my mid-20s until I started working at this office that involves us being on the internet the entire time. In my case, I sometimes would more than 8 hours a shift, which means more than 8 hours on the internet. Of course, when I clock out I also use the internet for leisure as well.

    The result of this daily internet binge is that I basically don’t have an attention span. I take a lot longer reading novels. I almost can’t sit through a movie. At this point, I am surprised that I read every word in your blog (never had smoked salt, by the way, it sounds tempting).

    It is a sad state of affair. I wouldn’t be surprised if my generation (late gen-Xer/millennial) will have a greater rate of Alzheimer’s than previous ones. Maybe I should also start playing word games whenever I have a chance.

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