Silly shenanigans ~

I am a little goofy today, so I apologize in advance…

I see you… a little creepy huh?

I had to drive all the way to Kitsap Peninsula North today to get a sign and a box off a listing (Yes folks, momma’s getting paid! Wahoo!). On the way I took some pictures I always want to take on this route, because in all likelihood I won’t be this way again for quite a while.

I have to drive over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. I love this bridge. I don’t know why… it just seems “special” in some way. Although I have to admit, as I approach, I block receiving any energy while I’m on it. There is some weird, vague, anxious energy that I have no idea why it has. I still think it is really a pretty bridge and the pictures do not do it justice. (Yes, I am aware I should not photo and drive (or drink and drive, or text and drive) … but well, traffic wasn’t bad, so I did it… my bad… both headed West and East)

Yes, I do have nasty huge rock chip on my windshield. I got it the first week I had my new car. I drove immediately to the people who advertise on TV they take care of this sort of thing, and they told me they couldn’t. It was too big. I need a new windshield – so I’m trying to get my money’s worth before spending $1500 that way…

Next is a photo of part of the road to KPN that always feels enchanting… like I am somehow not in this part of the country (not sure where… but not here – LOL).

I love that there is water on both sides. It feels like you are going somewhere special.

Then you drive through big trees, like you are in the forest…

I feel like most of Washington looks like this but when you spend so many days in the more urban areas, you forget for a moment.

This next picture just appeals to my silliness today… Joe – I am available… single AF – LOL

I have decided in interactions of the “dating sort” from now on, I will have “rounds”. You only get to be in relationship with me once you have passed all the rounds… complete with announcements “Congratulations sir, you have now made it to round 2”, (in my best announcer voice) “Would you like to continue? or be eliminated from the competition and leave the island never to return?”

So far, the rounds look like this to me… Round 1 – prove you are a decent human, not a douchebag, and are physically and emotionally “available” for an interdependent relationship that very well could knock your socks off. Round 2 – Prove you are smart enough and evolved enough to not make me bored as fuck. Do you have interests? Passions even? Like to have fun? Know how to be serious? Do you read? Do you see and appreciate what a wonderful creature I am? Round 3 – Do you know how to fuck well?… I mean really well. Is there chemistry? Do you have a little kinky side? Round 4 – Is there an energetic connection beyond the physical and mental? Round 5 – Congrats… I’m all in… unconditional love will now be yours. (I know – that sounds nuts after all the aforementioned pre-conditions but trust me – you can’t just go around throwing out unconditional love all willy nilly, although Ram Das would beg to differ, and I can unconditionally love everyone from a distance, but I don’t want to be in relationship with everyone today). Not only have you won “unconditional love” by making it to Round 5, you will never get rid of me! – LOL… (unless you die on me – please don’t… been there, done that, not fun, can’t do it again).

This picture of this guy – I just had to share. It cracked me up. A guy who can make fun of himself a little might be a good guy. He is on one of the dating sites. Thought I would check and see if there was anyone in there… Unfortunately, the only words he seems to know are “Hey there” (Which he does say every day) and “TTYL” after really nothing much in between (which in case you didn’t know really means he’s just hoping for sex not into a real meaningful connection, but he doesn’t have the balls yet to say it). Trying to make conversation with him is kind of like trying to make conversation with a rock… he and the rock both put forth no effort. But the picture still cracks me up… (wonder who took the picture).

Life is such a balancing act. I feel like I am getting a better grip on balancing fun with work, hopefulness with stress… at least for the moment. But that’s the thing – balance only lasts for a moment. You have to keep readjusting.

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A complex creation that chooses to be quite simple - LOL. I earnestly try to approach life with unconditional love and non-judgement... but I'm only human and perfectly imperfect :)

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