Insomnia, rumination & action

I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep. Instead of fighting with myself, I decided to watch a movie. I love movies… Some I will watch periodically even though I’ve seen them many times because they are comforting and almost like an old friend… and I have missedContinue reading “Insomnia, rumination & action”

In the “off limits” area

I was recently taught how to use free weights. It really does feel like a better workout than using the machines. You use so many muscles making microscopic shifts to keep balance and posture rather than sitting in a machine that just restricts and focuses your workout to a couple of specific muscles. I’ve alreadyContinue reading “In the “off limits” area”

Just another day on this spinning ball

I am sick today. I admit it… I am actually “sick”, not just allergies. Prior to the pandemic, I got sick maybe once a year. One big inconvenient cold… once a year. During the pandemic, everyone was on high alert – every sneeze, every sniffle, came with the question “Is it COVID?”. Since we wereContinue reading “Just another day on this spinning ball”

Hi. My name is Wayward Yoga Girl.

I’ve been called out on something… so time to dive deep again. I keep thinking I’m done working on this, but here we go again. I guess becoming “healthy” or “healed” may be an on-going process… there are so many layers to the onion. The issue again is abandonment. I ask myself “Why would IContinue reading “Hi. My name is Wayward Yoga Girl.”

Clarity (or momentarily absofuckinglutely crazy)

Last night before going to sleep I set an intention. I wanted communication or guidance from my guides while I slept (I did request it with a “please” so as to not sound demanding – LOL). I slept very deeply for 11 hours… I don’t remember any dreams… or anything at all. But I wokeContinue reading “Clarity (or momentarily absofuckinglutely crazy)”

Swearing, cooking and shining

I wanted to share a couple things from my email this morning before I head to the gym (yes, reading 400+ emails and working out this morning… all sorts of diversions to avoid sitting down to focus on taxes – LOL). The first – an email I get from authors of a cookbook. I loveContinue reading “Swearing, cooking and shining”