Shine like the sun

Last week I was reading a blog that I follow. The author went through a shocking breakup around Christmas that really left her devasted. I am watching the rise and fall of her recovery and the process of her finding herself again. It totally caught her off guard – which breaks my heart. I empathizeContinue reading “Shine like the sun”

Fish, unknown whispers, and changes

Sometimes… often…. okay always… the last 5 years I listen to things while I sleep. That happens when your guy dies, I guess… For about 3 or 4 years it was ocean sounds through Alexa. Then I decided to switch it to rain since I don’t live at the beach anymore. (Side note – recentlyContinue reading “Fish, unknown whispers, and changes”

Thoughts about resilience

One of the benefits of being self-employed is the ability to do random things you feel like doing… today I spent a few hours at a beach. I love the ocean… the tides were extra low today. While I was walking up and down the coastline, I did a lot of thinking… One of theContinue reading “Thoughts about resilience”