Lights will guide you home…

Today’s song… My way of eating has changed. I crave fresh – only fresh stuff… and olives and cheese… who wants to eat only fresh veggies for a meal? Me. I do. (Raising my hand – LOL) Here is my first attempt at “real” pizza. The crust is not right… close, but not right. ThisContinue reading “Lights will guide you home…”

…lost and choking on hello

This song is on my mind today for some reason… I’ve been up since 3am… seems to be my new normal – LOL. I get “messages from the Universe” in my email. While sorting the 4,000 emails waiting to be dealt with this morning, I read this one… (I’m sharing it because I liked it)Continue reading “…lost and choking on hello”

Adventure – Part Four

Greece is lovely. Significantly more touristy than I anticipated- but lovely. We were here for the annual volcano fireworks show… amazing and difficult to describe… they simulated lava! The food here is scrumptious. We grew weary of all the tourists and chartered a speed yacht to explore the island from the water side, and askedContinue reading “Adventure – Part Four”