Adventure – Part Three

I have a problem. I seem to fall in love with every place I go… Rome now has a piece of my heart as well. The people are warm and friendly and resilient. The food amazing. Italian coffee is true delight. I thought I might get one the other day “to go”  so I could drink and walk. The sweet man behind the counter said, “no go with it… sit, enjoy” as I looked at the stack of “to go” cups… then he says, “do you have appointment to be somewhere?” I said No” so he ushered me to a table outside to “sit and enjoy”. Oh my God… best coffee ever… that then became my “thing” sitting to enjoy a coffee and people watch. 

At lunch we ordered some pastas (too incredible to even describe)and salads at a highly acclaimed restaurant (a Bourdaine place) and toward the end of the meal, the waiter asked if he could tell me something without offending me. I told him absolutely – tell me anything. He wanted to tell me we ate the bread wrong. You don’t eat it while you wait for your food and spoil your appetite – you use it to sop the sauce. He brought us more bread and said “please try – use hands- break and sop”. Wow… he was so right. Now I had to eat more although I was full! 

One thing I have enjoyed in both Paris and Rome is early mornings and nights. Having coffee at an outdoor cafe early in the morning watching the city wake up and come to life. Both cities are beautiful at night and have things to see and do. Street performers are also amazing. Jazz played on a street in Paris, an amazing operatic singing and circ de soleil type performances in Italy. 

Tiramisu.  I thought I had eaten it before… the “real” thing is like nothing I’ve had before. Again I am now forever spoiled…

Sitting, eating, visiting… lingering over wine. That’s what people do in these cities. No one hurries to bring your check. Food is not meant to be inhaled in a hurry as sustenance between things. It is a “thing”. An important, soul satisfying, “thing”. 

Seeing the sites is lovely but I love it more in the rain or in the evening – then it’s more personal – if that makes any sense. So many fountains in Italy… they are all… I’m overusing the word amazing (reminder – must expand my vocabulary to fully express all this amazingness) and they are all so beautiful. 

Paris has these special fountains installed by Sir Richard Wallace in the 1800’s. I did not bring my laptop and I’m blogging by phone so I can’t go into detail, but Google “Wallace fountains” and you will know the story. It brings my heart joy that a wealthy man cared enough about others to have these installed. One local said they bring happiness and prosperity to your life like “magic”.  I have found two… 118 to go – so I will need to go back again. 

Arrivederci Italy… I will be back here also. I ensured that with the backward right arm coin toss in the appropriate fountain 😁

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A complex creation that chooses to be quite simple - LOL. I earnestly try to approach life with unconditional love and non-judgement... but I'm only human and perfectly imperfect :)

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