Bubbles and Clouds

I exist in a bubble. I know this –  I choose it… I only allow into it the people that I like, or things that bring me happiness or sustenance… I forget I do sometimes. We create our own reality, so I choose to focus on good things.

I don’t watch the nightly news. I don’t get twisted up in political nonsense. I don’t expect bad things and bad people. What you focus on expands… so I try to choose somewhat wisely. That being said… I was clearing email and had one from twitter about a post from a fire department I followed when I was heavily working with the humanitarian organization who helps people after a fire or other natural disaster (not naming the name because I do not want a Google search to link my blog to anyone looking for that organization). Commercial fire on State Street this morning… blah, blah, blah. No need for me to call in to help with any big response.

I have a twitter, but I don’t use it. Not a huge fan of social media in general – for many reasons I will likely elaborate about another time. Under this post, was another twitter post… a video about a bear and a hammock. I clicked on it to watch it. Super funny – I feel that bear… I have done the same thing attempting to get into a hammock (yeah – I know… I’m a dumbass sometimes). I notice I have a kazillion notifications I had not seen, so I clicked on that. Holy fuck.  

In less than 30 seconds I see: a body was pulled from the Columbia River, someone complaining their son’s school emailed them after he had been out sick, Jeff Bezo’s former wife has filed for divorce from her 2nd husband, a guy was killed while stealing a package out of a UPS truck when he was hit by a mirror on a passing Ford truck while exiting the UPS truck, someone named Denise entered a chat so now things are getting spicy, the heartbreaking toll of Ian’s devastation in Florida, multiple officers are on scene at Tahoma High school for reports of a student seen with a firearm in a bathroom, child rape suspect wanted, an extremely violent drug cartel has made it’s way into Washington state,  a notice to avoid Snohomish at 180th and highway 9 due to shots fired and an armed suspect in vehicle, charges to be filed against Trump, Chick-fil-a tweeted something about someone’s race, Trump tweeted something about a guy’s weight so a bunch of people are mad, barricaded suspect and woman deceased in burning Montlake home, Lisa Rinna being fired from Real Housewives show, Caitlyn Jenner is upset about some child with a penis in Vermont (not sure why), Ryan Reynolds (adore him) said something was out of hand and he needs a martini… YES Ryan… THIS is out of hand and now I need a martini too.

I didn’t even dig into it. This was just a glance. Holy fuck. This is why I do not “do” this stuff. I was instantly overwhelmed and confused – LOL – an instant zap of frying brain cells on so much stuff I did not need to know! (Now by you reading this, I’ve wasted your brain cells too. I’m sorry) Can’t we just have a site somewhere where we can see cute bears trying to get into hammocks and other relaxing animal stuff? No politics, no violence, no sad shit – just cute animals… doing cute animal things? How much time do people waste every day with Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook, SnapChat and stuff like it?

Call me old fashioned (or old – whatever – you do you), but if I have free time, I’d rather spend it interacting with live people, real animals, nature up close and personal… I think this is why people have a lack of focus. It seems like everyone’s attention span is incredibly short. I get enough information to sort receiving 300-400 emails a day (that’s even too much at times!). I like to give things focus… but I’m a weirdo. I don’t even tolerate commercials really… I record everything so I don’t have to hear them (plus it’s a more efficient use of time – LOL).

I have a theory. I think if you actually put your phone down and focus on the person in front of you when you speak to them, it might make you kind of memorable. If you actually listen when someone speaks to you… without thinking about what you are going to say back while they are speaking or 49 other random things, but actually listen – it may make the person you are listening to feel heard… and maybe valued. Maybe people are forgetting how to really interact? Maybe younger people aren’t even learning a healthy way to genuinely interact with other people. People crave connection. They have a soul need to feel valued. You can’t create real connection with distractions.

People’s inability to focus makes me stand out a little in business. I focus like crazy. And accomplish a lot. It makes dating more difficult… but it is what it is. I also notice people are suffering from chronic dissatisfaction. They have forgotten they have a choice and what they focus on, they create more of… I would like to start a movement of some kind. Let’s focus more on what we like, appreciate, feel grateful for and want more of, instead of what’s not going right or what we want to fuss about. Instead of saying I like this or that BUT they do this or say that, or they lack this thing… let’s just end the sentence with a period at “I like this”. Forget the rest. Nothing is perfect, but we don’t need to focus on what isn’t.

On a side note, I stumbled across a movie on Netflix last night that was kind of interesting. It was called “Soul Sessions”. It basically had basic “beginner” type information on past life regression and soul stuff. It was kind of refreshing to see something in that direction. I don’t think it had anyone particularly famous or anything, just a different movie – nice because it was different. But again, I’m in a bubble… meditating, thinking about soul stuff and how I want to show up in the world, so it was right up my alley.

People can stay out of my bubble… unless I want them there – LOL. Hey, hey, you… get off of my cloud!

Published by wayward yoga girl

A complex creation that chooses to be quite simple - LOL. I earnestly try to approach life with unconditional love and non-judgement... but I'm only human and perfectly imperfect :)

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