It’s been 385 days…if I was counting

385 days since I last saw his face…593 since the day we first met…again, if I was counting. Would I even recognize him on the street? … Not sure I can remember his face. The energy I remember… That I would recognize. I wish him the best. I really do. I hope he doesn’t spend his life regretting chances never taken – choices never made. I can’t allow myself to spin out about it ever again. It makes me feel foolish. I don’t settle for “less than”.

I am a risk taker… I take chances. I always have. You have to go out on a limb sometimes to get the sweetest fruit. It doesn’t mean I don’t ever fall out of the tree on my head… which I think surprises people sometimes because I tend to be quiet – which makes me seem timid and shy and not a risk taker (I learned that quietness as a child… becoming invisible) – but it’s because I’m observing. (And being a Cancer/Leo cusp it’s probably the Cancer in me curbing the Leo’s desire to be seen.) I’m just a contradiction. But that’s okay. I’m just me. I’m not the kind of person who can close their heart. It’s always open… like a 24 hour diner… I just put it out there even though there is always a risk of being hurt. If you don’t interact with the world with an open heart and a curious mind, you miss out on what life is about.

It’s time to focus on what I want to manifest for my next chapter… I am feeling like there are no limits or boundaries, which is cool. I don’t have much tying me down… I may even leave the country semi-permanently – I’m still playing with that idea… I’m not “attached” to anything. I am open to whatever wonderful options the Universe wants to present. There were times in my life I was so attached to things “being a certain way” for safety or security – but I’m not that way anymore. Hanging on to things doesn’t ensure they stay. Attachment is because of ego. Life is too short… (and going faster all the time). I have more places to go and things to do before my time is up… and happiness is key to everything. Happy is better than rich or secure or pretty or anything… happy is basically love. Love – love for others, love for the beauty around you, love of your life and all you can experience and learn… it’s the only thing really truly worth having. Welcome to my open 24 hour heart diner.

Published by wayward yoga girl

A complex creation that chooses to be quite simple - LOL. I earnestly try to approach life with unconditional love and non-judgement... but I'm only human and perfectly imperfect :)

One thought on “It’s been 385 days…if I was counting

  1. I love this idea of “what I want to manifest for the next chapter”. This is exactly where I am…and I am savouring this beyond belief. Somehow this part of my life unfolding before me is the best so far…more uncertainty, yes, but I am equipped now to deal…

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