This is what self-care looks like sometimes…

The doctor suggested, since I was already knocked on my ass with the fibro flare-up, I may as well top it off with a flu shot and a Covid booster. What’s a little more discomfort? May as well… When I woke up this morning, before trying to move, I imagined I would go to the gym today and then get out the Christmas decorations. Unfortunately, that won’t be happening – I can’t.

The soon-to-be-not business partner doesn’t even know I have fibro. I do not tell most people… he has no idea I am incapacitated at the moment. I wouldn’t give him the power of that knowledge… he wouldn’t understand it anyway. His shark-like behavior has escalated with regard to me the last couple days. I decided to google sharks to make sure I was making an appropriate comparison. Here is what I found:

“They are cold blooded; they feel their opponents’ fears through their skin. They’re able to look closely and find someone’s weak points to attack them. They are not burdened by conditionalities, they are used to going straight towards their desired goal. Sharks put their own interests first. Such people can be simply unpredictable. Their intelligence, ability to plan things and handle emotions help them leave their competitors in the dust. And their intuition is just incredible. They can also masterfully manipulate others. But they completely lack the sense of proportion. Sharks are ruthless, determined, and aggressive predators. Often, people are called sharks when they have taken advantage of an excellent opportunity – especially in business. Their advantage is often at the expense of others. After all, sharks are ruthless creatures. They will often hover in dark corners or at a distance from the action, waiting for the perfect time to pounce on their prey. Even in the face of overwhelming odds, sharks will attack without hesitation, which makes them one of the most feared creatures in the world. sharks won’t be friendly with one another. They won’t share food and will fight for themselves, and not care for their fellow species. They will go in for the kill and take down their prey without second thought.”

That sums him up quite efficiently. There was a sales book from long ago… “Swimming with Sharks”, I remember reading it in my 20’s. I have never been a shark. I’m more of a compassionate dolphin. But according to some random quiz today, I’m a “wild cat”. I’m not sure that is actually very flattering… Then I stumbled across the “Cube test”. That was kind of fun… it said I was an authentic, open, achievement minded person, who subconsciously needs the focused attention of my partner and I need to have some control – LOL.

I have binge watched everything I can think of… I’m bored but don’t feel well enough to go do anything. Ugh. I do not like this…

Time to find a new book to read. Maybe I will work on that damn dating profile… I need a mani/pedi, but that would involve movement… besides it’s snowing again.

Published by wayward yoga girl

A complex creation that chooses to be quite simple - LOL. I earnestly try to approach life with unconditional love and non-judgement... but I'm only human and perfectly imperfect :)

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