Glad Tidings

What a crazy, busy month it has been! We have just enough snow to make it feel like Christmas but not to trap me like it did last year!

I have been busy working, and redesigning my life…doing all the things. I moved my license to a Wallingford office that I love the people in. It is owned and run by lots of really strong, smart, powerful, funny, wonderful women. They are my tribe 😊 and will inspire me to new levels. The former potential business partner called me the other day and said he was “shocked”. What did he think? I’d be lost without him?! That makes me laugh out loud every time I think about it. I just told him I was surprised that he was “shocked”, and I am overjoyed with the decision. I even negotiated with the old office where I had my license to give me a percentage for 3 years on special business there. Yay me!

I’ve been looking (all over the map) for where I will move to live… there is no rush, but I am ready when the Universe wants to send me the right place.

I have not had any free time to devote to my dating profile that I signed up for in a weird moment the day after Thanksgiving. It still says I will add info soon – LOL Somehow it doesn’t keep people from reaching out to me… a few interesting conversations are going on there 😊. Thank goodness I didn’t bump my head and join Fetlife! Mr. Fish Kisser still texts me daily, although I haven’t seen him again… he still wants a second date and thinks I’m “really pretty” … energetically, he just doesn’t feel right. He’s so sweet, I just don’t want to hurt his feelings.

Mr. 6 ½ weeks is still texting periodically… this is what women have to put up with –

Really…. don’t ever do this… if someone is ignoring you, there is a reason.

Today is winter solstice. For some reason the solstice always feels to me like a new beginning… more of a new beginning than January 1st. Today I will vision board and set my goals for the new year – boy do I have some big ones!

The energy has been so interesting lately. Super-charged. (I know… there she goes talking “crazy” again – LOL)

Isn’t it funny how so many people are afraid to be open? Well, it’s not funny – it’s actually so sad. What are they afraid of? The older I get, the less I seem to tolerate superficial bullshit. If you are open and authentic and someone doesn’t like you… they aren’t your people. Just keep going. No big deal.

People who can’t take chances, take a leap of faith, be “real” – open and authentic, are not my people… No more “Burger Kings” for me. (“Burger Kings” are phony people who are super ego-based and have to have everything their way.) Not in business… not in life.

I got a nice surprise yesterday. I opened the garage door to leave and found my neighbor had shoveled my driveway and sidewalk for me. It was so nice! I made him a pot roast and delivered it as a “Thank you”. He was thrilled. He works weird hours as a police detective and doesn’t often have time to cook for himself. I have been a cooking machine lately. I have delivered food in 3 counties – LOL. It has brought me joy.

Listening to Van Morrison while making Gumbo and cornbread…

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A complex creation that chooses to be quite simple - LOL. I earnestly try to approach life with unconditional love and non-judgement... but I'm only human and perfectly imperfect :)

One thought on “Glad Tidings

  1. Gosh, that message exchange you posted from one of your “admirers” is chilling. Part of me wants to believe that guys aren’t like that, but the horrible truth is that a lot of them are. It isn’t a case of just a few bad apples spoiling the bunch–there are just too many instances shown online of this kind of behaviour…and when you admonish them to not do it, I wonder what it would take for them to never even consider something like this? What twisted logic must be going through a guy’s mind for this sort of thinking to take place?

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