Attachment & Updated Dating Lexicon

Looking for love or connection and coming up empty is never a good feeling. When you feel attraction for someone, sometimes it is based on unhealthy things. What I mean is…say your childhood created some unconscious ideas about what a relationship or partner is supposed to look like or feel like (this happens with everyoneContinue reading “Attachment & Updated Dating Lexicon”

Beautiful chaos~

I had a really enlightening day. I need to “Kerouac” it out…so hang in there with my stream of consciousness rambling please or move on to better reading if you’d like. I have realized that ever since I really let go of the grief I was carrying for years over the death of my partner,Continue reading “Beautiful chaos~”

The one about friends~

Today I am thinking about friendship. There are levels of friendship…from the work peer you would come to the aid of, to someone you have known for a long time and have a shared history with, to someone you would trust with your life. I have once had the privilege of being in love andContinue reading “The one about friends~”

Trust and Boundaries

Today I am thinking about trust and boundaries. Specifically, self-trust and healthy personal boundaries. I was told by someone once a long time ago that I do not have healthy boundaries and, in many instances, have no boundaries. I believed them. This was partially true at the time, but I realize it became a storyContinue reading “Trust and Boundaries”

Connection, Intimacy and Art

My thoughts today… I think all humans need to feel connection with other people. We find things in common to share with people to feel “connected”. I think we crave – at a soul level – really deep connection, but most people keep things on a pretty superficial level. Intimacy is a level of connection.Continue reading “Connection, Intimacy and Art”

Get out of your own fucking way…

This morning I was still in a bad place…fully disconnected from myself and the world. I got a text from my youngest daughter about coffee creamer and pest control. I replied with “No worries”. She immediately came back with “What’s wrong?” Fuck…she can feel it. We haven’t even seen each other yet today and sheContinue reading “Get out of your own fucking way…”


GGG stands for Good, Giving, and Game. More specifically: good in bed, giving equal time and equal pleasure, and game for anything—within reason. The term was coined by Dan Savage, gay author and sex advice columnist for the Stranger.   I saw this “GGG” term in the dating profiles a couple of times, so I have googled itContinue reading ““GGG””

Today’s little bits…

I am so relaxed and happy today. Feeling completely satisfied…all needs met…blissfully serene, and had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in weeks. Nothing to complain about…so just sharing random thoughts (and in keeping with the title of this blog… just a little bit of everything). This blog is not only a personal therapeutic diary,Continue reading “Today’s little bits…”

Willful submission

Touching… skin to skin – soul to soul. Every cell… every particle… surrendering to you, just to please you. My body knew before my mind. I belong to you. Intoxicating dominance…We have no age but, in this moment, you are my Daddy… safe harbor for all of me…my protector…my supporter… my everything.  I feel myselfContinue reading “Willful submission”

Peaceful…but not passive

Yesterday the march for reproductive rights I participated in, was great. The energy was awesome…I left with my whole body tingling from head to toe. While I was there, I realized a few things…first, it was surprising to me to grasp there are generations of people who don’t understand how important it is…particularly those bornContinue reading “Peaceful…but not passive”

No Fucks Given

I have been thinking lately about how many of us try to adopt an attitude of “don’t give a fuck-ness”. I have thought that if we can reach a level of not caring what other people think of us, that this is healthy and shows self-esteem. I’m questioning it. (Prepare for stream of consciousness, abstractContinue reading “No Fucks Given”

Observations on the way to work

Today while driving to an appointment, I noticed a red beetle bug car broken down beside the road. Four or five miles up the road, there is another red beetle bug car broken down on the side of the road…how weird. Maybe people with that type of car should stay home today. Or make sureContinue reading “Observations on the way to work”

Wayward yoga girl

Welcome to my world… You might be thinking why “wayward yoga girl”? Let me break in down for you 🙂 The definition of “wayward” is “difficult to control or predict because of unusual or perverse behavior“. This cracks me up. And, yeah…it’s pretty accurate of “me”… on so many levels. Yoga…I love yoga. I alwaysContinue reading “Wayward yoga girl”

A Little Bit of Everything

I love good song lyrics. In some instances, a musician’s lyrics have spoken the words I needed to hear or echoed my sadness in a way that made me not feel alone…it’s poetry…but more powerful because not only do the words have meaning and feeling, but the music has feeling too. It’s a beautiful thing.Continue reading “A Little Bit of Everything”