I identify as a threat. My pronouns are try / me.

I’m a little sardonic today. You have been warned. You can click away now – no harm, no foul. (Seriously for a moment – no disrespect intended to anyone with the title of this post… I understand gender identity is a real issue… I’m just being sassy today). I had an appointment today at 1pm.Continue reading “I identify as a threat. My pronouns are try / me.”

Hi. My name is Wayward Yoga Girl.

I’ve been called out on something… so time to dive deep again. I keep thinking I’m done working on this, but here we go again. I guess becoming “healthy” or “healed” may be an on-going process… there are so many layers to the onion. The issue again is abandonment. I ask myself “Why would IContinue reading “Hi. My name is Wayward Yoga Girl.”

Clarity (or momentarily absofuckinglutely crazy)

Last night before going to sleep I set an intention. I wanted communication or guidance from my guides while I slept (I did request it with a “please” so as to not sound demanding – LOL). I slept very deeply for 11 hours… I don’t remember any dreams… or anything at all. But I wokeContinue reading “Clarity (or momentarily absofuckinglutely crazy)”

Dazed and Confused

I had a very busy, but productive week. The current response operations are coming to a close, and I’m feeling pretty damn optimistic about work. Last night, after being busy for 14 hours straight, it occurred to me that although I have decided not to go looking for love – it can’t find me ifContinue reading “Dazed and Confused”

Sleepless in Seattle (Suburbs)

Another mostly sleepless night… but I was too tired to bake or drive… now I have to start my Monday exhausted. I have a pit in my stomach too. I’m not sure why. It’s that “something is wrong” feeling. I do have a lot of stress… I spent the hours I should have been sleepingContinue reading “Sleepless in Seattle (Suburbs)”

Thoughts from the grocery aisle

Maybe there should be a dating app that compares your grocery purchases with potential partner’s? You can tell a lot about a person by their groceries… maybe that would be a good way to find compatibility? Steven M you are not my man… plain cake donuts? That just shows lack of adventurousness… Mint chocolate chipContinue reading “Thoughts from the grocery aisle”


Someone said something to me a little while back that keeps coming back to haunt me. They basically indicated being single is better than being in a committed relationship because you won’t ever feel stuck waking up next to someone you don’t like anymore. This caught me off guard. I wanted to shout, “You areContinue reading “Relationships”

January update

You can’t keep picking apples off a tree hoping to find a peach. You can’t teach a grown man how to be positively dominant or a DD if he isn’t wired that way. You would think that I am old enough to know these things. The comet came back around again…once again, I swear thisContinue reading “January update”

A not hot mess

I am a fucking disaster… I should wrap my entire house, my car and myself with caution tape so people will be warned to stay away. I didn’t sleep well again… so I’m extra cranky. Just read someone else’s blog today… this one is covered in caution tape warning you to stay away. Of course,Continue reading “A not hot mess”

Prince Charming… you are late

I’m awake at 4am… It’s been a minute since I was awake in the middle the night like this… I think Disney did not contribute to my overall wellness as a female. Growing up with the “Wonderful World of Disney” movies made me think there would someday be a prince (or “my” prince) coming alongContinue reading “Prince Charming… you are late”

Not one size fits all…

Dominant men. That’s what is on my mind. Firstly, as I have mentioned in this blog far too many times, it is hard to find one. While snowed in and alone over the holidays, I did manage to find a couple of “Doms” to talk to through dating sites. There are so many different expressionsContinue reading “Not one size fits all…”

Christmas is over

I survived Christmas. Robert loved Christmas. He decorated like crazy…every inch of the house inside and out. Christmas movies every day from Thanksgiving to New Years. When I was a kid, Christmas was unpredictable and often a disappointment. Some years I would come home from school or wake up in the morning to find theContinue reading “Christmas is over”

… still Thursday

Okay I have been “productive” enough for today. I showered and got dressed. In my “lumberjack” outfit again… that’s what my date called it the other night… I kind of took a little bit of offense. I wear black all the time. I have 36 pair of black leggings, half dozen black slacks, black jeans,Continue reading “… still Thursday”

Wrapping up the year…

I have been reflecting on all that has transpired the last year… particularly when it comes to personal growth – which is positive. I am starting therapy next week to make sure I continue to process stuff from the past fully and can move forward as the mentally healthiest version of myself possible and haveContinue reading “Wrapping up the year…”

Sex and Quizzes

I need to complain for a moment. Not everyone is a good fuck. Even fewer are a great fuck. I’m annoyed…I try to be discerning before even connecting with someone in person. My most recent sex date has been in the sex positive and kink communities for years…decades…so I even made him get tested forContinue reading “Sex and Quizzes”

My favorite conspiracy theory is everything is going to be okay…

I was disappointed not to hear from someone I care about with a text on Thanksgiving…I had asked him not to text me anymore so it’s my own fault. I just wanted him to anyway. But he doesn’t truly care about me so it’s just as well he didn’t. I’ve spent some time researching whyContinue reading “My favorite conspiracy theory is everything is going to be okay…”

My version of Modern Love

I have spent the last 2 ½ days in bed. I’m out of it now…but I want to go back. I showered and put on clothes…now I’m exhausted. I binge-watched things on Prime…including “Fleabag” and “Modern Love” … a movie called “Bound”…another movie called “The Voyeurs”. It occurs to me this morning my daughter probablyContinue reading “My version of Modern Love”