Dazed and Confused

I had a very busy, but productive week. The current response operations are coming to a close, and I’m feeling pretty damn optimistic about work. Last night, after being busy for 14 hours straight, it occurred to me that although I have decided not to go looking for love – it can’t find me ifContinue reading “Dazed and Confused”

Not one size fits all…

Dominant men. That’s what is on my mind. Firstly, as I have mentioned in this blog far too many times, it is hard to find one. While snowed in and alone over the holidays, I did manage to find a couple of “Doms” to talk to through dating sites. There are so many different expressionsContinue reading “Not one size fits all…”

Wrapping up the year…

I have been reflecting on all that has transpired the last year… particularly when it comes to personal growth – which is positive. I am starting therapy next week to make sure I continue to process stuff from the past fully and can move forward as the mentally healthiest version of myself possible and haveContinue reading “Wrapping up the year…”

Sex and Quizzes

I need to complain for a moment. Not everyone is a good fuck. Even fewer are a great fuck. I’m annoyed…I try to be discerning before even connecting with someone in person. My most recent sex date has been in the sex positive and kink communities for years…decades…so I even made him get tested forContinue reading “Sex and Quizzes”

My favorite conspiracy theory is everything is going to be okay…

I was disappointed not to hear from someone I care about with a text on Thanksgiving…I had asked him not to text me anymore so it’s my own fault. I just wanted him to anyway. But he doesn’t truly care about me so it’s just as well he didn’t. I’ve spent some time researching whyContinue reading “My favorite conspiracy theory is everything is going to be okay…”

My version of Modern Love

I have spent the last 2 ½ days in bed. I’m out of it now…but I want to go back. I showered and put on clothes…now I’m exhausted. I binge-watched things on Prime…including “Fleabag” and “Modern Love” … a movie called “Bound”…another movie called “The Voyeurs”. It occurs to me this morning my daughter probablyContinue reading “My version of Modern Love”


GGG stands for Good, Giving, and Game. More specifically: good in bed, giving equal time and equal pleasure, and game for anything—within reason. The term was coined by Dan Savage, gay author and sex advice columnist for the Stranger.   I saw this “GGG” term in the dating profiles a couple of times, so I have googled itContinue reading ““GGG””

Willful submission

Touching… skin to skin – soul to soul. Every cell… every particle… surrendering to you, just to please you. My body knew before my mind. I belong to you. Intoxicating dominance…We have no age but, in this moment, you are my Daddy… safe harbor for all of me…my protector…my supporter… my everything.  I feel myselfContinue reading “Willful submission”